New Neighbourhood (2015)

Evan Micheals moves into a new neighbourhood, not seeking love until it seeks him...too much.

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When Evan Micheals moves into his new house he soon befriends the curious, elderly delivery man who alerts him to the large amount of women in the area; predominately seeking love. He soon comes to realise that this is his chance to finally find the love of his life, or at least the love of the neighbourhood; a beautiful, French woman.

"You're the young buck whose been causing all the stir!"


Tyson Peters

Evan Micheals

Karl Peschek

Elderly man

Bec Smith

Gardening woman

Suhasini Seelin

Reading woman

Faezeh Parkes

Conversing woman

Alba Bathgate

Conversing woman

Francesca Arena

Conversing woman


Jack Ralph

Writer // Director // Editor

Harri Robbins


Matthew Galvin


Sian Watling


Kelsey Pettifer

Art Director

Oscar Strangio

2nd Assistant Camera

Matt Wilson

1st Assistant Camera