Story & Song (2015)

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Story & Song opens the book on American born actor, song-writer and performer Chris Wallace. Spanning decades, the series starts in New York on a date with Liza Minnelli, then to the green hills of Tasmania riding off the legacy of Johnny Appleseed and ending in California with a tribute to William Green Elementary School.

This series is based on a live performance filmed at the Butterfly Club, Melbourne.

"I'm out on a creative limb with this show, I've never even heard of anything like it."

Chris Wallace


Episode One - Maybe It's You

Episode Two - Plant That Weed

Episode Three - It's The Proper Word

Episode Four - The Ping Pong Song

Episode Five - I Like To Strip

Episode Six - A Song For Room 13

Episode Seven - Minnie The Moocher


Chris Wallace



Olentangy Music

Executive Producer

Jack Ralph


William van der Vliet

Director of Photography

Quinten Robertson

Second Camera

Oscar Strangio


David Valkenet

Assistant Editor