It's Almost Sunday (2015)


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'It's Almost Sunday' is a hazy tune which keeps that feeling of an ever-approaching Sunday- the day of the week when you mow the lawn, drink a beer or just watch tv on the sofa.

Featuring the Sunday vibers Justin Vilchez, Kitty Christel, Callum Bibbey, Jess Tyler, Caitlyn George, Honor Wolff, Callum O'Malley & James McNiece. 

Duoux, with Callum Bibby and Jess Tyler (side projecting from Nebraskatak), are a collaboration of melodic guitar riffs and soothing synth lines to provide and alternative elctronic experience that is sure to calm the mind and even get your legs moving. The duo generate their sounds from a vast variety of influences from all aspects of music to create something quite out of the ordinary which will surely tickle your musical taste-buds.





Jack Ralph

Director / DOP / Editor

Jess Tyler

Director / Composer