Everything was singing... everything (2016)

Vincey Presents

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The images for Everything was singing … everything are one take dreamscapes. Each song is a unique one take scene that evokes the melancholy of a snow dome. Everything was singing… everything is the debut solo long-play from Vincenzo Giarrusso (undergroundLOVERS, GBVG, Mist+Sea). The album is a collaboration between Vincenzo Giarrusso and Jed Palmer. These unique one take videos for each track offer an evocative and hypnotic backdrop for the songs on Everything Was Singing… Everything.

A snowdome of images filmed throughout Berlin, Prague, Conegliano, Dolomites, Thailand and Melbourne are available from April 4th through new delivery platform BitTorrent offering a version of the album in visual format, buy now >

"Get your dunlops, grab the slothful pooch and just hit the pavement. This is a wandering album, get a ponderin’ and movin’ to it."



Vincent Giarrusso

Director // Cinematographer

Oscar Strangio