Cobaw (2015)

The Cactus Channel

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Point Cool & The Cactus Channel present a new music video featuring a wild and meandering night time journey that feverishly follows two groups of forest dwelling, light-enchanted people.

A collaboration between musician & filmmaker brews ominously on the screen before you. Cold hands grip the wheel while muddy ones hold rough sticks of fire. Two sides clash as the forest embodies a churning beast of its own, bringing all that is COBAW to life.

Filmed in beautiful Woodend with eucalyptus trees blocking out the sky and freezing nights descending across the weaving hills your breath will start to mist before your very eyes. Hold onto your seat and feel it take on a life of it's own...but don't worry, just let it carry you through the night...

"Kicking off with an ominous drum beat, the track feels like it's come straight out of a horror scene in a Vincent Price production, but that only makes it more awesome."

The Music


The Cactus Channel



Jack Ralph


Quinten Robertson

Director of Photography

William van der Vliet

Art Director

Harry Hayes


Oscar Strangio


Emily Robb


Kelsey Pettifer

First Assistant Director

Nicholas Hower