Point Cool Productions


One of the original founders of Point Cool Productions, Jack continues to run the company along with Oscar Strangio. Jack pursues editing as his professional calling, but likes to explore his keen interest for narrative films and visual experimentation through the company, using it as a creative umbrella where he collaborates not only with the members within Point Cool, but also many other creatives in many fields.

His first film to hit the big screen was 'Lars in Love' which screened at the 2012 St. Kilda Film Festival, Under the Radar; Lars in Love was also the first film where the three founders of Point Cool collaborated. Then as part of Opening Night for the 2015 St. Kilda Film Festival, the documentary 'Life on Tape' premiered, directed by Oscar and shot by Jack. The film set a standard and definite style for the company and creative duo.

The next project headed by Point Cool was 'From Volcanoes we Sailed' which detailed seven stories from Eolian immigrants to Australia spanning many different generations - the film is currently screening at the Melbourne Immigration Museum until October 2016 as part of the exhibition the film was created for.

Jack is know focusing on developing his editing style into professional work with such companies as Hunting With Pixels and Pearson among others while also training his personal techniques and stylistic methods. This features prominently in music videos for Melbourne bands like The Cactus Channel, Frida, Young Hysteria and The Hollywood Models. 



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